Returning Members:

We are so excited to have you back with us for the summer season. If you'd like assistance with navigating the new system, please call us at 802-660-0440 x 105. 

  1. Register as a CustomerEven if you've been a member in the past, you'll need to create a new account, as this is a totally new system. 
  2. Browse SubscriptionsWith three packages offered in three portion sizes, there's something for everyone. Scroll to the bottom of the Subscriptions page to add recurring orders of berries, meat, cheese, beans, and bread to your order.
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New Members: Start Here!

Thank you for choosing the Intervale Food Hub. You'll need to create an account with us before subscribing. Check out our options below and learn how our delivery system works. Need help subscribing? Watch our how-to video here


Choose what kinds of food you’d like in your basket. Dietary restrictions and allergies are always accommodated. 

Vermont Vegetable

Enjoy a selection of the best organic and sustainably grown vegetables, fruit, and herbs in season, sourced from our community of more than 30 Vermont farmers! You'll love creating simple, healthy meals that focus on fresh produce.  


The Omnivore Package includes your choice of Vermont Vegetable Package + a wide variety of local meat, dairy, and specialty products, for a well-rounded weekly menu. 


The Localvore Package includes all our favorites in one easy package: your choice of Vermont Vegetable Package + meat, dairy, and specialty products from the Omnivore Package + one half-dozen eggs + one loaf of bread.    


Choose how much food you’d like delivered each week.


A great fit for an individual, a college student, or pairs who want to try a smaller subscription. There will typically be 5 fruit & vegetable varieties each week. We've given smaller, more manageable quantities of food, to lower the price while still providing a wide variety.


Our gold standard and the most popular subscription we offer, the Variety is a great fit for 2-3 people, or individuals who like to cook often. There will typically be 6 - 8 fruit & vegetable varieties each week. This package will offer the widest variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Perfect for families or households with 3+ people, the value will typically offer 5 fruit & vegetable varieties. This package includes larger quantities of family-friendly staples that will give you a good value, wide variety, and more servings per dollar.


Choose where you’d like your food delivered.

Home Delivery

Intervale Food Hub offers weekly delivery to homes in Burlington. Your orders are dropped off at your door in reusable insulated containers, which keep your food fresh for 3 hours, guaranteed.

Workplace & Community Delivery

We also offer weekly deliveries to workplaces and community centers in the Greater Burlington area. Local restaurants, breweries, libraries, gyms, and offices have partnered with us to make it easy for you to pick up local food, even if you don’t live in our distribution area. 


Unpack and get cooking.

Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Produce Facts

Try out new recipes, learn about food storage and preparation, and get to know your veggies through our weekly newsletter. Membership perks include guided tours of farms each season, first dibs on new products, and discounts on local cooking classes.